Take 2 Photography | FAQ
How do you prefer to be paid?
I can take cash, check, paypal or venmo! Whichever is easiest for you!

When will I get my pictures?
Depending on how many sessions I have around yours I try to get your pictures to you in 2 weeks.  During peek times it may take 3 weeks.  (Since I work full time and I NEED to put my family first your session might get pushed back a bit.  Please know that I will get them to you as soon as possible. Thank you for understanding) 
I will post a peek on my facebook page (become a fan!).  
Once I am done editing your session will send you a message along with your gallery link for you to view and download.  

How do I get my pictures?
I will send you a download link where you can get your high resolution pictures.  If you want a CD let me know at your session and it will be $15 extra.  You get the same images in your download link that you do on a CD.
I will also send you a release form or you can order the pictures from my site!
If you want to post your pictures please give credit back to me.  Thank you!

What do I wear?
Where whatever you feel comfortable in is very important. Click Here for some great ideas from I heart faces and Melinda Brookshire Photography.
You can keep in mind the colors in your home so when you print your pictures the colors will coordinate.
If your kids are just going to be in the pictures and you are not, still keep in mind what you are wearing, black shirts and jeans or dark pants work best.  Even though you may not be in the pictures your legs or arms might be if your little one is a little shy.
Also, most my pictures I take are outside so take that in to consideration for your shoes.  Example, it is hard to walk in the grass in heels.  ;)

What can I expect from the session?
If you have little kids I tend to let them do what ever it is they do and I follow them around to let them warm up a bit.  Kids only last about 15min. typically so make sure they outfit you REALLY want is first. =0)  Sessions can last from 15min - 45 minutes depending on the mood of your child.  Do not WORRY if your child isn't behaving, this is normal. ;)  I'm a pretty laid back photographer.
What should we bring or do you have props?
I don't have many props, I prefer natural lifestyle shoot, if you want me to bring some be sure to let me know!  I suggest bringing a favorite stuffed animal or toy or blanket or something that is meaningful to your kids and you so that your pictures are unique.  You also don't have to bring anything other than yourselves if you want as well.   

Do you have a studio?
I DON'T have a 'studio' per say.  My home does work for newborn pictures - about 1 year old and SMALL families. Otherwise outside photos work best for toddlers and more than 2 kids as they like to run around and play! 

What locations to you suggest?
Some of my most popular locations are:
Butterfly Gardens - Saylorville
Park by Urbandale Library
Valley Junction
Greys Lake
Waterworks Park
Raccoon River
Thomas Mitchell Park
Art Center
Your House
My House
I am always up for new places and ideas so you are not limited to this list.  I do just ask that it is in the Des Moines area! I will travel outside Des Moines area, it will just be extra.
Where do you suggest I print my photos?
Print Labs (Mpix or Adoramapix) will give you better prints than just Wal-Mart, Target, or Walgreens.
Of course I'll suggest that you print your photos though me! :)  Its easy!